With the launch of the Vintage and Penguin paperbacks in early 2018, the formal book tour is over. For more recent talks on China, religion and society, please see the general speaking page.
UCLASchool of Law
19 March 2018
“China’s Search for Faith and Values”
12 noon to 2 pm. Details here.
UC Irvine
20 March 2018
Search for Meaning: Return of Religion and Spirituality in China
3-4 pm. Details here.
UC San Diego
21 March 2018
“The Return of Religion and China’s Future”
5 pm. Details here.
Association of Asian Studies Annual Meeting
Washington, D.C.
24 March 2018
Book signing.
2-3 pm.
Washington Marriott Wardman Park, Random House booth.
Purdue University
27 March 2018
Center on Religion and Chinese Society
“The Confucian Dream?”
West Layfayette Public Library
4:30-6 pm. Details here.
University of London
School of Oriental and African Studies
15 January 2018
5-7 pm. Details here.
Cambridge University
16 January 2018
5-7 pm. Details to come.
Chatham House
(Royal Institute of International Affairs, London)
17 January 2018
1-2:30 pm. Details here.
Reform Club
18 January
Invitation only.
14 December 2017
Mercator Institute for Chinese Studies, Berlin
Details here.
ThinkIn China Beijing
5 December  2017
Event report and pictures here.
Singapore Writers Festival
11 November 2017
5-6 pm “Media: Friend or Foe?”
8:30-9:15 pm “China Soul-Searching”
12 November 2017
2:30-3:30 “Turning to Faith”
Details for all events here.
Hong Kong University
6 November 2017
Details here.
Hong Kong Baptist University
6 November 2017
Details here.
Hong Kong Literary Festival
4 November 2017
11 am to 12 noon, Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences
“The Souls of China.”
Details here.
5 November
13:30-14:30, Hong Kong Museum of Medical Science
hosting Zhang Lijia talk about her new novel, “Lotus.”
Details here.
National Committee for U.S.-China Relations
26 October 2017
“The Souls of China”
New York City.
Details here.
Yale University
23 October 2017
“The Battle for China’s Soul”
Luce Hall Auditorium, 4:30 pm
Details here.
University of Virginia, Charlottesville
19 October
“China’s Religious Revival”
East Asia Center, 5 pm.
Details here.
Young China Watchers
18 October 2017
Discussion of faith, values and the Communist Party’s once-every-five-year meeting.
New York City.
Details here.
Columbia University
18 October 2017
Discussion on “Souls of China,” moderated by Andrew Nathan.
Weatherhead East Asian Institute, 12 noon to 1:30 pm
Details here.
University of South Florida
16 October 2017
Centro Asturiano,
1913 Nebraska Avenue, Tampa
Details here.
15 May, Shanghai FCC. Details here.
16 May, Duke Kunshan campus.
18 May, Beijing International Society. Details here.
18 May, Foreign Correspondents Clubs of China. Details here.
–>CANCELED: 1 June, 7 pm. The Beijing Bookworm. Details here.
San Francisco:
April 29, 2 pm Overseas Press Club/West. Mechanics Institute. Talk with Jennifer Lin, who has a new book (Shanghai Faithful)  on the history of her Christian family. Our talk will be hosted by Mary Kay Magistad, former of PRI’s The World and current host of the podcast “Whose Century Is It?
More details and registration here.
May 1, 12:30-2 pm keynote talk and panel discussion. Stanford University. Presentation of the 2017 Shorenstein Journalism Award. Details here.
May 2, 4 pm to 5:30 pm, University of California, Davis. Joint talk with Jeffrey Wasserstrom of UC Irvine: “The Presence of the Past in the Future: Facing China.” Details here.
Notre Dame
April 27, 4 pm.Kellogg School of Public Policy. Details here.
April 24, 12 noon to 1:30 pm. Northwestern University. Details here.
April 25, 6 pm. University of Chicago bookstore reading and Q&A, hosted by Dali Yang. Details here and on Facebook here.
Durham, NC
April 20. 7 pm Duke University. Hosted by Prasenjit Duara and Ralph Litzinger. Flyer here.
April 17, 3:30-5 pm Wilson Center. Hosted by Robert Daly. Details here.
April 17, 6:30-8 pm. East City Bookshop. Details here.
April 18, 3-4:30 CSIS. Talk with Scott Kennedy about the book and how spirituality dovetails with Xi Jinping’s agenda. Details here.
April 19, 4-5:30 pm Georgetown University. Hosted by James Millward. Details here.
New York City:
April 12, 6-7:30pm. New York University Bookstore. 746 Broadway. Details here.
April 13, 12 noon, The King’s College | 56 Broadway | New York, NY 10004. Q&A with my former colleague from the Wall Street Journal, Paul Glader. Details here.
April 13, 7 pm, Asia Society and the New York Review of Books. Talk, reading, and Q&A hosted by the writer Ian Buruma. Details here.
April 11. 4-6 pm. Harvard University Belfer Center.  1730 Cambridge St. Details here.

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