O Clarim
30 November 2018
An interview with the Macau-based Catholic magazine O Clarim, which you can read here.
Spiritus Magazine
30 November 2018
An excerpt of The Souls of China in French in the Catholic magazine Spiritus. Read a PDF version of the piece by clicking here.
Jesuitas Em Portugual
7 November 2018
An interview with Father Miguel Pedro Melo, in Portuguese, on religion in China, the church and Xi Jinping’s new policies. Read here.
Missio Magazine
18 June 2018
Interview in Germany with the Catholic magazine Missio, on religion in China and the travails of the church there. Read a PDF of the piece here.
Spirit Matters Podcast
30 April 2018
An interview with Phil Goldberg and Dennis Raimondi about China’s search for values. Listen here.
China in the 21st Century
27 March 2018
A dialogue with Richard Madsen, a pioneer in the study of Chinese religions, as part of UCSD’s 21st Century China podcast series.
Listen to it here.
El Confidencial
19 March 2018
Interview on the revial of Confucianism in Spanish.
Read the article here.
Die Tagespost
22 February 2018
Interview by Michael Leh in the Catholic newspaper about Sino-Vatican relations, with a mention of the book.
Read the article in German here.
Le Figaro
5 February 2018
Interview by Cyrille Pluyette on Xi Jinping’s links to Buddhism–first reported in the Souls of China. Nice interview and shoutout for the book.
Read the English translation of the article here.
5 January 2018
A 45-minute podcast in German about China, values, belief and the country’s political future. Listen to it on Souncloud here.
The Classical Ideas Podcast
28 December 2017
An hour-long discussion with Greg Soden on his show that explores the world’s religions and trends. Listen to it here.
JWT Intelligence
29 November 2017
An interview with Chen May Yee for the newsletter of advertising and marketing giant JWT. Read it here.
Religion and Ethics Report
22 November 2017
Australian Broadcasting’s weekly podcast on religion talks to me about the state’s support and persecution of religion. Listen here.
My Radio
18 November 2017
One of Hong Kong’s most fearless talk radio hosts Leung Kam Cheung (梁錦祥) talks about spiritualism, faith, and The Souls of China. Here’s the show on YouTube.
National Committee on U.S.-China Relations
8 November 2017
During a recent trip to New York, I spoke at the NCUSCR and gave an interview on its China podcast series. Listen here.
   The event was also taped. You can watch the video here.
AGI Estero
11 August 2017
Interview with Alessandra Spalletta on god and Marx. Read it (in Italian) here.
The Sinica Podcast
4 August 2017
A free-wheeling discussion with Kaiser Kuo, Jeremy Goldkorn and David Moser about The Souls of China and China’s spiritual awakening. Click here for the podcast.
BBC “Witness” Series
3 August 2017
This series explore events in history that still deserve our attention and this show is on the 1999 crackdown on the Falun Gong spiritual movement. I was interviewed as an eyewitness to the crackdown and its historical significance. Click here to listen to the broadcast.
Faith & Leadership
24 July 2017
An interview by Bob Wells of Duke University’s Faith & Leadership newsletter. Available online here.
2 July 2017
Article by Ofir Dor on China’s religious revival in one of Israel’s leading business publications, with quotes by me. Hebrew language. Please click here.
China Dialogue
1 June 2017
Interview with Ma Tianjie on China, religion, and the environment.
Please read the interview here.
BBC Radio Scotland
28 may 2017
Thirty-minute interview on The Souls of China.
Click here for the show (interview is last half-hour.)
Mirror Media Group
25 May 2017
Video live stream of interview by Mirror Group a New York-based Chinese-language website.
See the YouTube video of the interview here.
Purdue University Media Lab
22 May 2017
Interview on China, religion, politics, social trust, underground churches–you name it. Listen here.
Religion News Service
17 May 2017
A wide-ranging interview with one of RNS’s senior correspondents, Kimberly Winston, during a recent visit to California.
Read the interview here.
Leonard Lopate Show
16 May 2017
A talk with one of New York’s best-known talk-show radio hosts on China’s religious revival.
Listen to the interview here.
BBC Radio Ulster
14 May 2017
A 9-minute interview, part of the Sunday morning religion show “Sunday Sequence.”
Listen to the interview here.
TimeOut Beijing
11 May 2017
Helen Roxburgh talks to Ian about his “fascinating new book.” Read the interview here.
Radio Open Source
8 May 2017
Christopher Lydon in an extended talk with me about China, religion, North Korea, Xi Jinping, and Donald Trump. This was a really neat discussion at Chris’s home in Boston.
Listen to the show here.
PRI Whose Century Is It?
5 May 2017
“Soul Searching:” Mary Kay Magistad interviews me and Jennifer Lin, author of a new book about her Christian family in Shanghai. Listen to the show here
PRI’s The World
2 May 2017
“Religion is alive and kicking in atheist China.”
Listen to the interview here.
RBB Inforadio
1 May 2017
Interview with Ruth Kirchner (in German) on China’s religious boom.
NPR’s All Things Considered
12 April 2017
An interview with NPR’s Ari Shapiro on China’s spiritual awakening. Listen to the talk or read the transcript here.
Asia Society website
10 April 2017
Matt Schiavenza
Read here.
Young China Watchers
10 April 2017
Interview with Jun Liang Yap
Read here.
The Initium
10 April 2017
Interview with journalist Zhao Han on China’s religious revival.
Read here.
The Wall Street Journal
China Real Time Report
31 March 2017
“Writing China: The Return of Chinese Soul-Searching”
Interview with Te-ping Chen
Read here
Christianity Today
30 March 2017
“An Inside Look at China’s Remarkable Religious Resurgence”
Interview with Rob Moll
Read here
LA Review of Books Blog
29 March 2017
“Awakening, Returning, and Looking Forward: An Interview with Ian Johnson”
Interview with Ting Guo.
Read here.

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