“In some ways, Afghanistan under the Taliban is China’s perfect partner: dysfunctional, dependent, and happy with whatever China can do for it:” In this Q&A with the Council on Foreign Relation’s website, I answer questions from the editors on China’s hopes and

One common way of looking at China's success at the Olympics is as metaphor for its rise--with the conclusion being that its rise to the top of the medals tables (just like its rise in its global standing) is tainted by too much state interference--that it's done so by a brutal sports machine.

How does rural China recall the past decades of change? One answer is the pathbreaking 2010 book by Liang Hong, China in Liang Village (中国在梁庄), which recounts the history of Liang’s native town, a village near Zhengzhou in central Henan province.

Newly published: a new photobook on the Forbidden City that I helped put together with the publisher Assouline. I wrote a 4,000-word introduction, in which I talk about how the Forbidden City has returned to the center of Chinese culture.

Big question! One answer is to look at what some of the countries thinkers are writing, something that’s been hard for non-Chinese speakers to do. In this article for SupChina I profile David Ownby’s Reading the China Dream translation project.

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